Moving house

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Moving house

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Moving in 2 weeks, through our letting agent we have used a company to transfer our power, phone, broadband etc. They told us we needed to agree a new 12-month contract with Vodafone or the relocation fee is $152 for Broadband/phone transfer to new address - does anyone know if this is correct?


I did explain that fibre is available at the new property and we are asking the landlord can we get it installed. If they allow Firbre to be installed then we certainly want it but will a new 12-month conttract with Vodafone on our current plan mean we can't upgrade to Fibre etc once we move in?


I have tried to call vodafone but have been put through to the relocation team twice and sat on hold for over 20 mins both times I had to hang up and get on with other things



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Re: Moving house

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Thanks for the post.


New contract / relocation fee - true, new contract means no relocation fee. Assuming no new wiring etc required.


New contract won't impact if you move to Fibre, we would simply migrate you to new contract for Fibre.

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