Long wait for change of fibre plans

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Long wait for change of fibre plans

by chrisnz79 Starter Poster
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Hi, I signed a new contract on 11th March and changed from Fibre 100/20 to Fibre Max. My account now says fibre max but speed are still at 100/20. I have spoken with people on the phone a couple of times (last time 6 days ago) who have been helpful and said there was an issue with migration and they would get this completed within the next few days but still. I thing seems to have changed. Could you tell me how long this should take and if there is a way to speed the process up. Thanks
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Re: Long wait for change of fibre plans

by RogerCruse78 Starter Poster
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Did you finally get your request for Fibre Max resovled?


I've recently upgraded to Fibre 100 plus a few other changes.


Vodafone Customer Care managed to make my request - Fibre installation & setup, upgrade to Vodafone TV, combining my mobile and fixed accounts and the cancellatiion of a landline and a couple of Sky TV channels -  into a something too pain to want to repeat in a hurry. 


Lession now learned and its better to never make more than one request at a time to Customer Care. And to always ensure a decent interval between requests.


As my recent changes have now settled down (I'm only waiting for a refund for June), I want upgrade my Fibre 100 service to a Fibre Max service. But I can't find a option to do this on the Vodafone website and I'm reluctant to engage to Customer Care too soon.

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Re: Long wait for change of fibre plans

by Voda_rusta Starter Poster
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man this sounds excatly like the issue im having.. and each time you phone they assure you its with  migrations and it will take 24-48 hours... its been 168 hours and im still on 100/20 WTF....


has your issue been resolved.. or you also just a number and they dont give a crap...? im sorry but im so dissapointed, no one knows whats going on when you call, and they keep transferring your from one department to the next... its becoming a real joke... but wait they quick to bill you....Robot Mad

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