Legalities of ADSL v Rural Broadband

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Legalities of ADSL v Rural Broadband

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Can anybody tell me please why it is illegal for Vodafone to provide me with Rural Broadband because, they say, I can get ADSL at my house.  Vodafone currently provides ADSL to my property, however, it is incredibly slow (5MB download).  I also don't have very good cell phone coverage (not enough to make a phone call, just enough to send a txt if I stand in the corner of my kitchen with my head pressed up against the window).  Whilst, yes, ADSL is 'available' it's not really working in any capacity which warrants paying $100.00 a month for it.  I'd rather put that into Rural Broadband which they've told me is not allowed legally.  Please can somebody advise.  I run a business and can't work from home due to this. Many thanks.

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