Large Packet Loss after VDSL to Fibre

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Large Packet Loss after VDSL to Fibre

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I've recently switched over to fibre from VDSL, i've also been given the Ultra Hub. 



Since switching over buffering in video streaming, lag in gaming and general slow loading has started showing up, even though speedtests show quite fast speeds. i.e my ping while playing League of Legends went from 30-35 to 70-200, the servers are in sydney. Streaming music or videos from some sites is inconsistent and buffers. 


I contacted Riot Player Support and ended up doing some tracert's and had network logs read. The main problem is packet loss showing up, along my route to their servers, as well as servers like google. Packet loss and ping is much higher when connected to the Ultra Hub than the HG659. I would've thought the Ultra Hub would do better, but it did much worse. 


Things Done 


Replaced Ultra Hub with HG659 - results were much better, ping has dropped to what it was before but packet loss still occurs.

Talked to the Riot Games Support team, did tracert's and sent netlogs -  there is packet loss, which I haven't had before or had very little of, was told to talk to ISP and get it sorted from there (see pic below.)


How can I get help for this? Where has the packet loss come from, is it from route changes? - The link for the logs is here (the custom is just between bots and pvp is between real players Smiley Happy All tests were done with WinMTR and on WiFi - I've got USB-C and don't have an adapter at the moment :/ but they were aware of this when they looked at the tests.




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