Landline not working

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Landline not working

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Can I get out of my contract if you can't connect my landline after two weeks? I've contacted you many times in the last two weeks and no one can help. What I most object to is that you won't contact me with an update to say when I might expect a solution. I just get very helpful people saying they will fix it but then nothing happens. Can I just go to another provider and abandon Vodafone? I'm really very angry. I want action not kind words like this...."I can understand that I would also feel the same if I would be at your place. I am heartily sorry for this inconvenience caused to you" and... "I would ensure that I will do the needful for you so that you will leave this chat window with a smile on your face" Needless to say, I'm not smiling. I'm thinking that you might even want me to leave. I've been a Vodafone customer for over twenty years in Australia, the UK and here.

Ann Mackay


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Re: Landline not working

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I would do so if you can.  i'm now starting to to contemplate this. But I need a landline and internet.


There are problems that may only be resolved with Consumer Affairs or the Commerce Commision. 

The problems could be technical, personnel, change management (!), the outsourcing, or the fact of a very poor takeover. We don't know who is running Vodafone NZ now.   The new management has enabled smartmouths and indifference, maybe they are thugs out of Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, India or the Ukraine. There is oil up that way, but whatever it is that calls itself  Vodafone is doing the dirty on customers and have provided old pumps with no petrol in them.


Suggest you look at my first post and email Devesh.  It may or may not reach him.Good luck with your efforts. 



























































































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