Landline not working

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Landline not working

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Can I get out of my contract if you can't connect my landline after two weeks? I've contacted you many times in the last two weeks and no one can help. What I most object to is that you won't contact me with an update to say when I might expect a solution. I just get very helpful people saying they will fix it but then nothing happens. Can I just go to another provider and abandon Vodafone? I'm really very angry. I want action not kind words like this...."I can understand that I would also feel the same if I would be at your place. I am heartily sorry for this inconvenience caused to you" and... "I would ensure that I will do the needful for you so that you will leave this chat window with a smile on your face" Needless to say, I'm not smiling. I'm thinking that you might even want me to leave. I've been a Vodafone customer for over twenty years in Australia, the UK and here.

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