Landline not working properly

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Landline not working properly

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We signed up June 5th 18, made the full switch over but landline hasnt worked well. Ringing out is fine, when someone calls through it rings once and goes to voicemail (but thats if we are lucky as other times line just cuts). Phone light is green on modem.

On June 15th was when we noticed this problem because someone decided to call my landline. We called through to you guys and spoke to one of your techs, did the rechecks over the phone and said it could be a landline issue on MY end but maybe the modem too? SO a new modem was sent out it arrived to us on the 24th, installed nothing different. We have tried to make contact with this technician to no avail.

I called up more than a hour ago, to be told its a easy problem to sort out ?? Same checks etc ... he said its a issue on MY end to have a electrician to check my line...or have some other wiring put in and it SHOULD work....

Im at my teethers end because I dont understand how my line was working perfectly fine then now it dosent, to be told that with fibre the phone should be working well because it works on vodafones end but since it dosent work on mine its a connection on my end so I HAVE TO call a electrician and not your guys problem. For the life of me do you guys do these full checks when everything is installed?? If this problem arouse in the very first instance that its a "wiring issue" on my phone - does that mean my phone just dosent work well with fibre i should have just stuck to adsl or what ever i was on because i had no problems, then. I brought up a similar issue that happened in the past when trying to switch providers, but was brushed aside.

Can someone just help me and please stop telling me to try plug a new phone in, i called you guys back again today but after 40min on hold - it was best I hung up.
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Re: Landline not working properly

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Hi @LAB87 - sorry to hear you've been having trouble, it does sound very frustrating. Please click on my name and send me a private message with your Customer information and contact details, as well as the number of the landline you're having issues with. I can ask someone to have a look at the line and make sure it is configured correctly.

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