Landline not working after upgrading to Fibre

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Landline not working after upgrading to Fibre

by CaseyBlack Starter Poster
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Sooooooooooo frustrated!!!!


We upgraded to Fibre just over 2 weeks ago and was told that it would take 12hours for our line to be brought across. 2 weeks later and 6 phone calls to the Tech team, I keep getting told the same thing "Oh I can see your number has not been transferred to your new account, I have now done this and will be active in 12 hours" Its still not working!! The first 2 phone calls to them were never recorded in their system!! The amount of times i have plugged and unplugged the modem is crazy! I have given them the serial number of the modem etc, and thats still no help!!


I have been with Vodafone for over 20 years and this is that first time I have received such awful service!!!!

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Re: Landline not working after upgrading to Fibre

by LucaWalton New Poster
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A similar thing is happening with us, asked for fibre Monday, they disconnected the internet same day, it is Sunday now zero wifi now and after calling Tuesday and them realizing it's their fault and said they'll give us back our regular internet till we get fibre... nothing. We have been super long time customers too. really disappointed.


Also, why should we pay for services like Vodafone TV if they just hand us data on our phones as a band-aid solution, "always connected" but the slogan should be "never convenient."



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