Just upgraded Fibre Max

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Just upgraded Fibre Max

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Hi there,


I have set up the Fibre Max yesterday night.


I expected that download speeds of up to 700-900 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 400-450 Mbps.


But I can see the download speeds 96.10 Mbps and upload speeds 23.20 Mbps right now.


Do I have to wait for few days? or it is something that problems?


I attached some files speedtest and client Monitoring numbers


Please let me know what do I have to do Smiley Happy Thank you


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Re: Just upgraded Fibre Max

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Wifi is much slower than Fibre Max


If you are running a good PC or latop and use a cabled connection you will see between 700 and 950Mbit on speedtests


If you are on Wifi you will typically see


2.4Ghz Wifi - about 30Mbit and up to 70 or so if yoy are really lucky.

5Ghz Wifi - on a top end smartphone about 200-500Mbit (it can vary quite a lot).. No smartphone on the market will get more than about 600 at best in reality.  


It looks like you are testing on Wifi and not is best coverage or there is wifi interference slowing it down.


To get the best from Fibre Max, use a cabled Ethernet connection or use 5Ghz wifi. 

Fibre Max is overkill for only 1 or two devices, but better for lots of devices online at once.


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