Joining, Billing and my account

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Joining, Billing and my account

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Hi, I am having a few issues. I joined in April on a 4 month free Broadband and $50 prezzy card deal with 12 months of free Neon, free modem and install -what a great sign up deal right? It took a while to get set up properly as chorus had to come out and fix the wiring which was all muddled up down our street. I have just received my first invoice and it is showing internet charges for my first month.....why when it was meant to be free? I understand I have to pay for the shipping of the modem...but not for the internet? And it says on my invoice that security (pc protection) is free until August, how much after that? Also how do I get the security?? And finally, I can no longer seem to log into my online account? I am using the correct username and password and it just won't work. Please help me! Thanks.
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Re: Joining, Billing and my account

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Hi @brit91, sounds a little frustrating, sorry about that. Please click on my name and send me a private message with your customer account and contact information so that I can ask someone to ring you to get this looked at. Thanks!

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