Is it possible to have 2 wired access points?

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Is it possible to have 2 wired access points?

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I've been connected to Vodafone cable internet for over 10 years now.

The connection enters my house in my study on the 2nd floor. The distance between my study and lounge is too great for the wireless router to stream to a tv in my lounge even with an extender.

Is it possible to get a 2nd wired connection directly into my lounge, preferably split off the current connection or do I need to approach another ISP?



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Re: Is it possible to have 2 wired access points?

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Hi Craig, it depends on your setup. Do you have Vodafone TV or SKY? And is your connection a Cable connection (ex-TelstraClear)?


For example, depending on your situation, you could get someone to install internal wiring in your house to link an Ethernet connection from your modem to required location on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately this is something you'll have to investigate with an electrician or specialist network installer as it isn't a service we're able to offer. would be great if you could give us a little more info to go on so we can give you better advice.

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Re: Is it possible to have 2 wired access points?

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Hi There Craig


if your TV supports 5Ghz connectivity i would recommend a double pack of the Vodafone Wi-Fi Extenders. These were built mainly for Video Bridging and can be used for Wifi extenders as well


this should allow you to extend your wifi around 10-20 Meters depending on what is between the Wireless Bridge( walls, anything that bothers with LOS)


knowing what is between your TV and the RGW would help in answering your question better.


If you require a Wired connection then the easiest would be is to get an electrician to run a CAT 6 cable between the RGW and the place you want the extender to be plugged in.





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