Internet speed fibre 100mbs

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Internet speed fibre 100mbs

by glunam New Poster
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Im on the 100mbs fibre plan and dont get anywhere near 100mbs. Highest is 64mbs, normally sits on 45mbs. Was getting similar speed with VDSL and only got fibre for faster speed for gaming. I want this rectified.  I couldnt get anything faster than the 100 package in my area at the moment, guy at work has the 100mbs package and says his max's out at 100mbs all the time.  I have never seen a speed over a mid 60mbs.Smiley Mad

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Re: Internet speed fibre 100mbs

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Best to call us on 0800 438 448, so that we can check your line and account on the one call.


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Re: Internet speed fibre 100mbs

by NitChandra New Poster
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thats a very big problem with vodafone. At least you get to see 60mbps whereas i have only seen max of 12mbps from 100. And currelty m getting 1.2mbps which is the result shown from .Calls and complains have bben made but all i got to know from an hour of phone coversation with the tech on numerous calls thats there bust be a problem. What is the problem i still dont know and i guess the tech from vodafone does not know as well. I guess paying hard earned money to things we not getting is of no sense. Change the network provider is the best option.

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Re: Internet speed fibre 100mbs

by Senior Contributor MrMorm Senior Contributor
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you're not using wifi are you?

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