Internet down

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Internet down

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This afternoon my fibrex internet connection stopped working in Wellington. How to I know if my cable modem has a connection to the network.  What lights should be green. 

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Re: Internet down

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Hi @sparky74 - sorry about that. Are you still having issues with your connection?

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Re: Internet down

by Sparky63 Starter Poster
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Hi Lon

Finally got through to VF on the phone this morning after getting cut off three times, transferred from team to team listening to there trrrible music and constant messages about how the will be with me soon. When I got to the right person they got me to power down, wait, reset, wait, tell them what lights were on or off on the router and modem and mess about doing all the basic things I had already tried. Finally they said they will book a tech to visit between 9 and 12:30 tomorrow. So now a day off work tomorrow on top of 2 hours on the phone this morning.
It's is unbelievable how dufficult VF are to get hold of and to get problems sorted. I expect the problem will be the lose wires strung between the poles in my street. Every time we get a big wind the internet comes and goes followed by dangling wires and their then their Downer contractors are up the poles in the street doing repairs a few days later. Once I get out of my VF contact I will switch to fibre. I'll post again when fixed. I hope!
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