Incorrect charging

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Incorrect charging

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So Great news yet again my bill is mucked up, this has been going on since November and I finally thought it was sorted but yet again my bill is wrong, randomly I have been charged for the "free hardware" to the tune of $179 for the free wireless extenders and still my monthly bill is not at the quoted and vodafone emailed quoted price. I am continually being billed at much much higher. The only thing finally correct is my sky bill. I don’t understand how this is still wrong, I have spent hours and hours on the phone and facebook messenger and getting credits and credits but still not resolved.

I am over this and will be seeking further advice if this is not sorted. Apprently vodafone are keen to lose a customer of over 8 years on broadband services and 18 years on mobile, but hey spending.

The amount of stress this is putting my wife and I under is insane, currently you are due to extract nearly double our agreed rate from our account yet again.


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