Incorrect Billing

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Incorrect Billing

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Hi there,


I am currently having an issue trying to get my fibre broadband billing switched over to our new contract. I have decided to try and sort this in writing as over the phone does not seem to be working. This is now the third time I have tried to sort this out...


We have recently moved house and had agreed to the pricing for a new contract once we moved. The first issue was that the services to our old address were terminated two weeks before we actually moved, this was sorted by giving us temporary data packs on our phones which sufficed in the short term. While sorting this issue out I verbally confirmed with the person I was speaking to that our new contract and pricing would take effect when we moved and also that we would not be charged for the time where our old services had been prematurely disconnected.


When we did move at the beginning of February I had also just received that month's bill which still showed the old pricing. Due to this I rung up and spoke to another operator who said that they had changed it in the system then for me. I also asked why I had no received the two wifi extenders and the code for the year of free NEON yet, which I was assured was on the way.


This morning I received my latest bill which yet again shows the old billing and I still have yet to receive the wifi extenders or the code for NEON.


I would very much appreciate if someone would be able to contact me to sort this out for me as after two months it is beginning to wear a little thin.



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