In home viisit

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In home viisit

by TuipulotuColinLaw Starter Poster
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In the sign up material Vodafone mentioned in-home visits from Noel Leeming Ninjas. Where/hwo can I access this offer?

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Re: In home viisit

by johnr Retired Staff
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@TuipulotuColinLaw  In home visit for what? You have to provide more information!


If you purchased something from Noel Lemming then call Noel Lemming!

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Re: In home viisit

by coldot2020 New Poster
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I'm very confused over passwords that disappear.  Even tonite getting in here was a painful process of being referred back and forth  before I finally managed to get approval to read your response.  I need some definited advice on Vodafone modem password.  The Vodafone modem crashed once and I reset(as per instructions from Vphone help) it but I can't login again.  After being thrown back and forth I finally managed to get to read your post.  I'm 79 and have plenty of previous experience with PC but I get defeated by constant message to enter a password when all I have is 3 or 4 previous passwords.

If  reset the modem again, will the password default to the original one, or will it default to the one I entered during the reset? Problem is that I get threatening messages that I shouldn't try again or I might be rejected!

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Re: In home viisit

by Senior Contributor MrMorm Senior Contributor
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The Vodafone Modem password will depend on the model of modem you have

In either case the default username and password is printed on the sticker on the modem


If it is the White HG659 modem the username and password combination will be vodafone/vodafone (if its an old modem), or Admin / @<enter last 8 digits of the serial number>


If it is the grey Ultra Hub modem it will be as printed on the sticker. Each modem has a different password.


So if you factory reset the modem (press and hold the pinhole button on the modem) then the default username and password will apply


I know the password print is small and I use a smartphone camera or magnifiyng glass to read the password as it is easy to mis-read the small print


Also, your internet browser may have saved a wrong password, so you can clear them in the browser settings which may help.


The default username and password on the modem will only change if you specifically log into the modem and update them in the settings menu.


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Re: In home viisit

by TuipulotuColinLaw Starter Poster
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Thanks for your attention and comments. Problem soloved. Vodafone reset passwords and all is well again.

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