How does HFC work these days (since the upgrades?

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How does HFC work these days (since the upgrades?

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I'm in Christchurch, my understanding is that when the service that was called "FibreX" was introduced, the idea was to move the CMTS from the exchange to D-CMTS in the street (from Huawei).


In underground HFC there seems to be 3 different types of boxes in the streets



So, the smaller green boxes, the larger green boxes, and the full on cabinet.


The smaller green boxes are between every couple of houses, the larger ones are less common and the cabinets are only every few streets.


So i'm wondering what the purpose of each of these are, I believe the smaller ones are mostly just taps for connecting to houses, but im not sure about the larger ones, this video shows what looks to be putting a D-CMTS inside one of those larger green boxes.


Also out of curiosity would someone be able to tell me where the DCMTS for our connection is? 




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