Home line not working

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Home line not working

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We have been on fibre now for approximately 6-8 months. Our phone line was working fine, but suddenly stopped working altogether. Rang the team at Vodafone and was told to do a test with a phone plugged in at the back of the modem. Since that phone workled, Vodafone's responsibility stopped right there. I was told to get an electrician in. When you are working, that is not that easy to organise, hence the situation has not changed and we cannot use the homeline.

However, I am still paying the same bill as before $105, without the benefits of the phone. That is not right!

What kind of solutions would Vodafone have? Are there special phones that work over fibre? If so, why were they not suggested to us and why weren't we warned that after a while our phone line would not be working anymore?

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