High Ping while Gaming - CSGO, R6

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High Ping while Gaming - CSGO, R6

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It has been months now since I switched from spark fibre100 to Vodafone fibre 100, whenever I play CSGO, or any other games, like Rainbow six siege, my ping keep going up and down between 40-120ping, which is literally unplayable, and even worse, sometimes the servers kick me out of the server because I have high ping, since then, I won't be able to play with friends again with such a high ping, non-stable ping rate gameplay. Someone, please help, I will switch to another provider in a heartbeat if this doesn't get resolved soon.

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Re: High Ping while Gaming - CSGO, R6

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@Oshigoto  Where are these gaming servers located and are you gaming over Wi-Fi or Ethernet?


Ping packets (ICMP) don't have priorty on the network so just relying on ping time is a major fail



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