HG659 Home Hub

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HG659 Home Hub

by RussellVickery New Poster
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Can I set up a drobo NAS and attach it to one of the ports on the back of the HG659 Home Hub?  

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Re: HG659 Home Hub

by k1234 Starter Poster
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Drobo can be direct or network attached so may depend on your model.  Network attached can be connected directly to the hub.  If it's direct connect type then I'm not sure about USB. Give it a go as you won't break anything.


The drobo dashboard should find your unit anywhere on your LAN.  If you want to do anything fancy with it a fixed IP would be a good idea either outside of your DHCP pool range or reserve an address within the hub admin page.  Depending on your your unit there may be more than one network connection too so reserve each MAC address that you will use.




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