Going to say Good Bye to Vodafone in less than 2 months after joining...

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Going to say Good Bye to Vodafone in less than 2 months after joining...

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So I am going to write a long story about my experience in moving from Spark to Vodafone.


Sometime back in March 1st week I had a call from Vodafone Outbound Sales, They offered me a really a good deal on my Fibre Max Plan. Intially he insisted i go for 100 MB plan as that enough for most but i denied and asked for Fibre Max. He offered me Unlimited Fibre Max with Voice for $99.99 with 3 months free and 24 months contract. I advised him i need to time to think as i was already in contract with Spark. I asked him to call me back in 2-3 days time.


After doing my Math i figured this is a good deal and i should move. I was saving few $$$ even after paying disconnections fees to Spark. I was waiting for the call back which never happened so i called the Vodafone Sales Team and advised what i was offered and they said they can honour the deal and signed me up. They also advised me that the 3 free months will only start from 2nd Billing Cycle.


5 mins after i signed up i looked online on Vodafone website and they were offering 4 months free with 12 month free Neon. I called back straight away and asked that why i am not getting same deal. After discussion the person said that he will be able to offer me the same deal but 1 extra month and Neon Code will need to be loaded manually after my account was provisioned. He said he will keep an on my account and once it is provisioned he will load those one.


4 days after my account was moved over and provistioned i receive an invoice from Vodafone for $121.15. Cost of plan wasnt $99.99 which was promised but i thought lets wait for another month. So start of May I get an invoice for $119.99 which is $20 more than i was promised and no free month started yet. I didnt receive any email from the 2nd person i spoke about extra month credit and neon code.


I decided to discuss this with Sales Team of Vodafone who signed me up and not the billing team.


1st Call 8th May Waited approx 10 mins for talk. Person answers the call and as soon i advise this about the free months i havent received she tells me "Please hold" next miute i am back on the IVR.


2nd Call 8th May again approx 12-14 mins wait and Same Behaviour back on the IVR.


3rd Call 8th May I asked the person who answered if she is going to dump back to IVR or not as i wanted to discuss my billing issue with Sales Team as there must be something wrong on the sign up process. She says "Please Hold" and i was back to IVR.


4th Call I asked to talk to Sales Team Leader. After explaining what happened in last 3 calls he apologied and advised me that he will be the last person i will be talking to. He could see the note from original sign up that i was offered 3 months free but the 2nd person i spoke to on sign up day didnt leave any notes behind. By this time i was quite unhappy and angry as Vodafone hasn't honoured the deal at all.


I also wanted to make sure i was only getting charged $99.99 every month from now on and not $119.99. After few arguments, the Team Leader said he will do the 4 months credit and also $40 extra what i have already paid so far. I asked him what about Neon Code and than he said he will have to talk to his manager for which he put me on hold and few minutes later he advised me that he will have escalate my issue to other department which handles Neon Code and all the Note about 4 Months Free and Neon are on the account now.


I didnt realise i was transfered to Retention Team and here the lady tell me that the Previous Person hasnt left a note about 4 Months Fre and Free Neon. I advised her that was the coversation we had and to go back and check. During whole conversation with her she made me felt like i was lying and no one has ever offered me that deal.


Finally i told her Vodafone hasn't kept their side of deal by offering me even 3 months free and $99.99 a month and for that reason remove the contract from my account so that i can take my business some where else.



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Re: Going to say Good Bye to Vodafone in less than 2 months after joining...

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Hi @TapanMunshi - since I've already engaged with you about this particular issue and as this post is a copy of a post you made elsewhere, I am going to lock this topic now. You are welcome to continue engaging with me via private message as you have been doing.




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