Frequent Fibre 100 random drops

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Frequent Fibre 100 random drops

by KL12123 New Poster
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Since last Thursday I am experiencing frequent random drops on my fibre 100 connection. It would be working fine one second and then internet would stop working.Time between dops vary between 5 minutes to maybe an hour or so, everytime there is a drop I would check the lights. I am using the Ultra Hub, all lights except for Mobile are solid green, ONT Box Power and POn solid green, Lan 1 flashing green.


I have spoken to 4 different ninjas, and tried these following troubleshoot suggested

1. Check for interference, turned off all device except for 1 device on Ethernet and 1 on Wifi. (No change)

2. Changed ethernet cable, factory reset modem, which later we got a replacement modem and still doesn't help

3. They done some test and shows my line is fine, and insist problem is at my end.


It would be great if someone can help me out on this issue


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Re: Frequent Fibre 100 random drops

by Staff Bogemon Staff
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Hey there


Could you PM me the details and your Ultrahub Serial Number ( starting with CPXXXXX ) i will take a look and let you know where the problem is





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Re: Frequent Fibre 100 random drops

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I have the same issue.. Got a replacment Hub sent and still not fixed.. last person i spoke with was meant to call me back in  a hour but never did, been over a week now with constant drop outs a day possibly 50+  , also last week i have no phone line ?  

check out my issues below 


Interface Recvd. Bytes Pkts Errs Drops Trans. Bytes Pkts Errs Drops Devices

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