Forced to change from Vodafone

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Forced to change from Vodafone

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Honestly the experience i've had over the 2 months of Vodafone is pretty disgusting. I created a NEW order in the sales team department and he did not even CREATE an order, i've spent since Janurary just trying to get my speeds changed. which is all on vodafones end.


Its honestly pretty disgusting a company this big cannot comprehend a simple task of upgrading a broadband plan, Even the vodafone Ninja i was in contact with over the past month was pretty gobsmacked that people are this useless they can't even create a new order. ( If Mon-El reads this , i really appreciate you trying to help me, the only Ninja that actually followed up on what he said, deserve a pay-rise)


I've basically been FORCED to change to a different company because i literally cannot upgrade. A year ago i would've recommended vodafone to anyone but after this i will definetly be referring them else where

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