First bill - Ultimate Home package charge too much?

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First bill - Ultimate Home package charge too much?

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Just got connected with Vodafone Ultimate home plan, connected 27 Apr.


The plan is 'Ultimate Fiber 100 and voice' which should be (and also according to email after ordering) 94.99/month (with $10 discount for my phone plan), along with a one-off 14.95 for delivery of modum,


All working wonderfully, install (new fibre) and setup was excellent, speed is spot-on - a really happy camper, till I received the bill this morning for first month. still trying to work it out...


27-May to 30 April $11.40 - ok that is the stub of the month so I havent tried to work out what that is for a whole month.

1 May to 31 May $114.00, ok that is $19.01 overcharge?


How do Vodafone work out the monthly billing cycle? - is it based on number of days in the month or should it be same 94.99 each month? If it is number of days which balance out over the year (eg this month is 31 days so we will charge you more, and less in Feb.)?



Am also supposed to get 4 months free however it did say that may happen on the second bill

Neon for a year - got that

$50 Pressie card - havent seen that yet.


- Phil.


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