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 I have just seen this message on the VF website and wanted to know if my Firmware updates itself automatically or if I have to do this (I haven't ever done it before)?  Thank you 






August 2017 - New firmware available

A new set of firmware is now available for the Vodafone wireless modem. You can download the version to your PC and please follow the instructions further down this page - Upgrade you modem's firmware.

Please note: Before you begin, we recommend that you create a backup of your current modem configuration

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Re: Firmware

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Normally you have to download the firmware update manually to your computer then log into your router and tell your router where to access the file from your computer and update that way. Theres normally a page in the router settings that address this.

Not sure what modem/router you have but this site might help with the steps if its one of these Vodafone routers




Some will say you only need to update if there are problems with your router. Even Vodafone says "You should only upgrade your modem's firmware when requested by our Technical Support team."

Some will say you should always update due to security measures etc.


Frankly I only update if I have a problem with the router, otherwise I leave it alone.

I have seen some that have been updated and then they have started to play up.!




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