Fibremax and Vodafone TV upgrade - worst experience ever

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Fibremax and Vodafone TV upgrade - worst experience ever

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Mid March I signed up for an upgrade to Fibremax speed and the package included Vodafone TV

I got emails saying install date would be forthcoming and I would get sent out the various boxes.


Ultra hub router came a few days later. All good.

To  date I have no confirmation of any changeover/install date. Many online chatrs/phone calls later still no go.All promise me "a call back in 48 hours with an answer" that never happens.

The lady today told me "all your services are live I will switch you to our support team!"  I asked how is that the case when I don't even have a vodafone tv box which she replied "oh I will provision that now, you will get it in 5 business days"


The best info I have gotten thus far is a DM from the offical vodafone twitter saying Chorus had done their work but the Vodafone side of things hadn't happened.

I've work for various ISPs in my time and the level of fail is is just...beyond belief!

Please someone help....


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