Fibre Patched Over DSL

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Fibre Patched Over DSL

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Hi Guys,


I had a fibre connection go live yesterday. My home is newly built and the ONT is located in the laundry (very annoying)

There is a CAT6 cable plugged into port 1 and 2 of the ONT. These are patched through to phone jacks in the home terminated with your standard wall phone jack, RJ-11 I believe? 


One of the phone jacks is located in the master bedroom so I was hoping to have the modem located there. Connecting the modem to the phonejack with the supplied dsl cable gives me speeds of about 15 down and 7 up - far below the 100/20 plan that I'm on.


If I plug directly into the ONT from the modem (into the WAN port) I get the 100/20 speeds.


My question is, if I use a RJ11 to RJ45 adapter on the phone jack, then plug from there into the modems WAN port, will I achieve my 100/20 speeds or will the RJ11 termination hinder it? Will I have to remove the RJ11 wall jack and replace it with an RJ45 wall jack?


Any help would be appreciated thanks

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Re: Fibre Patched Over DSL

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post.

I'll leave the technical question as not my area but wanted to offer the suggestion that you could request to have your ONT moved if that would help.


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Re: Fibre Patched Over DSL

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That sounds like a weird way of having it installed. I am not sure I have ever heard of it being setup like this before.


Who is your LFC (Local Fibre Company) that did the install? EG: Chorus, Enable, Northpower, UFF etc.


Did this house ever have any xDSL connection prior to the fibre being installed?


I get the feeling that perhaps the house had / has an existing xDSL connection, which is still live, and when you are using the phonejacks around the house, you are connecting to the xDSL connection (The Fibre connection should only be able to be used via Ethernet (RJ45) into the WAN port on the modem, NOT via the DSL port on the modem.


It sounds to me that you have both an active xDSL connection and Fibre connection at the house, you are using the Fibre connection when plugged into the ONT and the xDSL connection when plugged into the wall jacks.


Perhaps you could log into the Modem GUI and see the access method when you are connected into the phonejacks around the house; I am sure it will be xDSL.


If you want the modem to be used elsewhere in the house, the live ONT port should be patched to Ethernet jack/s around the house, and then in the room you want to use the modem, ethernet cable from ethernet jack where it terminates to WAN port on modem.

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