Fibre Install Nightmare

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Fibre Install Nightmare

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We have been waiting a very long time for fibre to be instlalled and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from Vodafone.

Our initial install date was 26 Sept 2017 - we still do not have fibre.

Chorus have visited and the ONT box has been installed with both the Power and Optical lights on solid green.

I have connected the modem (and tried every port on the ONT) however we do not have an internet connection.


I have tried and tried to get in contact with vodafone to get an answer but appear to just get thrown around between different people - "Oh you need to call this person between these hours" "Oh we can't help with that"


I have emailed and called multiple times our instal specialist but do not get any response.

Multiple emails have gone unanswered and calls not picked up.


Why can't get get a reponse our install technician?

I called to see if he had actually left vodafone and hence the unanswered correspondence but was told he still worked there.


Can I please get a phone number that I can call someone on (who will pick up) and assist me in setting up my fibre?


I understand that fibre installation is a long process with various boxes to be ticked along the way but we have had the ONT installed for sometime.



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Re: Fibre Install Nightmare

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear about the experience you're having with us.

You can get in touch with our dedicated fibre team on 0508 888 800 and they can help you out,

Or feel free to private message us


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