Fibre 100/20 halfed. Currently at 50/10

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Fibre 100/20 halfed. Currently at 50/10

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I bought a brand new Cat 6 ethernet cable in hopes of getting the 100/20 speeds that we currently pay for, however the next time i checked my speeds - on - I was getting a consistent 52/10 mbps . I have the HG659 router. I have tried everything and even factory resetting my router, I am convinced it isn't anything on my end as it seems at though my speeds are getting capped, at 52 each time. Its been about 1-2 weeks now that it has stayed at 52 weeks. Please help.

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Re: Fibre 100/20 halfed. Currently at 50/10

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Over a week with no response! So I shouldnt hold my breath that Vodafone are going to address my issue?

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