False advertising, poor service and poor customer service

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False advertising, poor service and poor customer service

by KrishanSharma Starter Poster
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Hi. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service provided at Vodafone as well as the quality of the actual broadband service. Over the past year, I've called 4 times on different occasions to complain about slow VDSL speeds and connection drops. The results from the first three attempts were the same... Vodafone raised a ticket to check the fault and contact me within 24 hours however, each of those times, vodafone failed to get back to me. I finally decided to call last night and try my luck one last time... another ticket was raised. We got a text this morning saying the issue has been resolved however the problem persists. I requested a call today which I have gotten. Staff suggested to upgrade to Fibre... I honestly don't mind the suggestion because I do require faster speeds and I have been interested in upgrading. My issues however lay with the customer service provided.
Firstly, Vodafone promises upload speeds of 5-10Mbps for VDSL customers. We have been getting around 0.5Mpbs on average since the beginning. This either means vodafone is falsely advertising or not providing the service they promise.
Secondly, we've been paying for speeds that we are not getting. Services that we are not getting.
Thirdly, the customer service is lacking basic skills. The most important things are missing. You guys need to listen to the problems we are having and second, do something about it. And especially don't make promises you can't keep. Scheduling a call should mean we get a call. Promising a particular speed should mean getting that speed. Again... this is as basic as customer service can be.
Going forward, I want to get this resolved as soon as possible. Please let me know how Vodafone will approach this issue or if the company is least bothered, I'm done with line tests and other things that may take time. Please provide an easy solution. In this case, either provide a good contract that demonstrates customer care or we simply switch providers and let them handle everything. 
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Re: False advertising, poor service and poor customer service

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I've been having internet connection drops within the last month (I'm on ADSL) and have finally gotten Chorus out to check the lines etc.

I had to do this through Vodafone but thats what I pay "wiring maintance" for !

The Chorus guy said that if your on VDSL (which i'm not) you really should have a seperate stand alone jack point in the house for the modem only. This way it seperates the phone line out of the equation.


I also agree with the customer service lacking.

The number of times I have been told something would be done -----IT WASNT !!

The number of times I have been told that I would be called back ------  I WASNT !!


Do what I have done....Fill out the complaint form. This way it recongized and then you can go to the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution (TDR) if it does not get rectified.

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Re: False advertising, poor service and poor customer service

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It hasn't been rectified. I've complained so much now it feels like a waste of time. If it's over phone, the words are going over their head, if it's with their online chat, they keep focusing on prooving me wrong rather than trying to listen to what I say and resolve the problem. I'm literally done with vodafone. If it takes this long to deal with any issues, then they are not worth staying with. We are switching providers soon for our home phone and for our mobile phones. Lets hope the other comany does better.

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