Failure to provide service

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Failure to provide service

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Vodafone recently changed its ownership. Previously calls were handled through the Phillipines. On trying to set up/extend my account I was put in touch with an Indian call centre.
At first I was able to get what seemed like very favorable terms and increases to my existing services.

Then things started to go wrong.

After almost 20 days waiting for activation after being told it would take 3-5 I am unable to receive any phone calls due to the failure of Vodafone NZ to get its act together. My services were ported to a new account to enable Naked DSL or to have everything on a purely fiber connection. The physical act of connecting fiber to my residence has STILL not taken place, the phone being cut off as someone at Vodafone pre empted the actual connection to fiber and cut me off PRIOR to any confirmation that a technician had completed the work necessary to make sure all would work on the new account. 
Attempts to have an existing phone divert from my landline to my mobile number routed via the exchange WITHOUT trying first to connect to the handset in this residence, by asking Vodafone NZ to do this, have been met with outright ridicule by Vodafone NZ's Indian call centre who on numerous occasions repeatedly declared it had been done but when challenged to call the landline number and confirm what they were claiming by having the call divert to my mobile while they were on the line, they refused to do so or pretended to not understand.

I myself have tried and continue to try using a 2Degrees mobile to call my landline and complete the divert to the other mobile number in hopes the request has been sorted out without success. I have also tried to connect the landline telephone I would normally use to complete the phone divert manually, to a new UltraHub DSL router after being assured it would solve the proble on connection to the existing Coaxial/Fiber hybrid line I currently use. 
Big surprise. It doesn't work nor will it until completion of the NEW fiber cabe from the outside wall of this residence TO the box I have. This is as I was told BY a Voadfone Ninja and which I repeated TO the Indian call centre while pleading with them to put in the temporary divert via the local exchange and which they have failed to do. 
I am left with only one conclusion and that is that the current crop managing implementation of retrenchment of existing Vodafone customers is populated by people who couldn't organise a celebration in a brewery with beer on tap.
Whether this is intentional or otherwise on the part of the new management structure at the NEW Vodafone NZ I cannot tell.As stated the previous Phillipine call centre was not only courteous, they were unfailingly ( in my experience) accurate and good at their jobs.
Presently I have been waiting 20 days as stated for this debacle to complete its course, my phone having been cut off for almost a week and the date set for ( maybe) geting fiber finally connected another 6 days away. Bear in mind that a neighbour took advantage of another fiber deal being offered by another company, her order complete and all services up and running AND free appliance/ appliances in TWO DAYS AND they had to run the cable into her residence to do it.
Either Vodafone NZ gets its act together or they will lose custom. I would prefer to think this may be the first and last time they choose to treat a long time, paying customer in this fashion.

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