Extremely Disappointing Service

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Extremely Disappointing Service

by DashaTarasova New Poster
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On 22 Febbruary 2018 I contacted Vodafone to take over the broadband account from the tenants of the house I rent out. I supplied all required forms and it seemed that the ownership was amended. IT HAS BEEN 3 MONTHS and the bills are still going to the previous tenants. I have called Vodafone numerous times and emailed the forms over and over again and no one is helping or sorting this out. All they do is pass me from one person to another at the call centre. The service is absolutely applauling!


I have now run out of energy trying to sort this out on Vodafone's behalf. If they don't want to get paif for their services than they can keep sending the bill to the wrong person.


I have been a vodafone customer on a fibre account at another property for many years, but at this rate if this is not sorted out this week I will pull both of my accounts from Vodafone.


Interested to see if anyone in Vodafone cares about loosing loyal customers with multiple accounts, and will contact me to sort this out promptly.

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Re: Extremely Disappointing Service

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Hi @DashaTarasova, sorry to hear that you've been having issues getting the account transferred. If you click on my name and send me a private message with the customer acocunt number, the account holder information and the address of the property, I can ask someone from our billing team to investigate what's going on with the change of ownership process.

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