Existing Customer Loyalty Offer

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Existing Customer Loyalty Offer

by StevroniusPrime Starter Poster
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My partner and I live in Kaukapakapa. Within the last month, we received a flyer specifically sent to our address thanking us for being a loyal customer, and offering a $10 loyalty discount and Neon for year if we committed to Vodafone for a further 12 months on the Ultimate Home Plan (our plan is currently recorded as Ultimate ADSL). My partner, whose name the account is in, rang and said we like to accept this offer. Since then, Vodafone's conduct has frankly been disgraceful. It has been nearly a month since we called to accept this offer, and the latest nonsense response is that the offer was for new customers only, and we agreed to switch to a different plan. This flatly contradicts the offer in the post which we still have and have sent to Vodafone.


I would be interested in whether anyone else has a similar issue.


The simple fact is Vodafone has made an offer which we have accepted, and they seem extremely reluctant to honour it. I am so angry about this that I will take this further - I expect a response better than the absolute BS provided so far within 24 hours.


Thank you.

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Re: Existing Customer Loyalty Offer

by DDDM New Poster
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Very similar story here.


Received a flyer in post adressed to me (account holder). Flyer offered free Neon for 12 months, $10 loyalty discount, and $10 on mobile account discount. Monthly bill would be $75 p/m total if I signed up for a 12 month term, as clearly indicated on flyer. Called up and claimed the offer on 15th February 2018. Was told the new plan would kick in at end of the billing cycle and I would be emailed the information about signing up for Neon.


Just received bill via email for the next monthly cycle (March 2018). They're charging me $85 p/m and no information about signing up for Neon. We're on Ultimate fibre 100.


Like with your case, they're contradicting both the offer on the flyer and the offer that was confirmed over the phone.






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Re: Existing Customer Loyalty Offer

by HugoHuang New Poster
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I set up a one year plan of VDSL broadband with Vodafone in last March. When it came to the end of this 12 months period, I have sent an enqury online in April 2018, about staying on current plan and ask for some loyalty bonus. Because soon after 31/03 I found my monthly bill raised from $94.99 to $104.99 without any notice, due to a $10/mt "PC protection fee" that is very suspicious.


Then a sales repsentive from Vodafone team contacted with me, who offerred the similar plan as above: $10 loyalty discount (that make it $84.99/mt then) and Neon for year, I got the commit over phone and also received a confirmation email from

<> on 20/04.  However, the shame is that no change in the bill which kept charging me $104.99 unitl now, no one reached me about the NEON redeem information, even since they sent me the email with details of the loyalty discount offer. 


I ended up this bad experience of 5 months by jumping to another broadband provider in the first week of August, it is sad to say that I am one of the loyal customers who has been using all mobile and broadband service from Vodafone since I came to Auckland 6 years ago.

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