Disconnect every day at 3:30pm

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Disconnect every day at 3:30pm

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Any idea why our VDSL connection and Sure Signal disconnect every afternoon at around 3:30pm? Sometimes it is 3:20, sometimes it is 3:32 etc so there is no exact time but it is always between 3:15 and 3:45.

The outage only lasts for a minute or so and would not be an issue if it wasn't for us relying on Sure Signal for our Cell coverage. calls are disconnected during the outage and, as the Sure Signal box takes a long time to reconnect, it is around 30 minutes before we can resume calls.

We are using the Vodafone Ultra Hub with current firmware (17.1.7988-2461009-CRF846-V2.4.6). Firmware update has made no difference.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Disconnect every day at 3:30pm

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Hi @RhysDavies


Do you have an alarm connected to the phone line at all? If so, may pay to get in touch with your alarm company,so they're able to investigate this for you as it's possible this could be causing your connection to disconnect, otheriwse please get in touch with our call centre on 0800 438 448.




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