Customer Service on hold time

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Customer Service on hold time

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Just got off the phone with customer service.........1 hour on hold........really VF this is totally useless.


I do feel much better as I have received an "Assurance" from customer service that my problem will be resolved - yeah right


Since Feb '19 we have been having problems with our VDSL connection, drop offs, poor speeds, several repeated visits that all resulted in service been restored......for a limited time.


I suspect the Chorus Tech's are resetting the DSLAM at the exchange so it works for a little while then over the course of a few days to a few weeks the preformace gets worse, so the come out and reset again.....How about actually fixing the issue rather than pressing te reset button every time and expecting different results.


So VF take this as notice, I expect a full report on exactly what is been done, and when the fault has been sorted out, exactly what was done. You have a week to do this otherwise I will stop paying for your poor excuse of customer service, your empty promises to sort things out and your poor overall internet preformance.


BTW I asked to be emailed full details of what was to be done when I spoke to customer services, I really don't expect to see this email as this will be another of VF's customer service lies......


I don't want to hear excuses about how it is out of your control, that is your problem to deal with not mine, not unless you want to provide me with contact details and the authority to deal with your provider!

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