Customer Retention Team

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Customer Retention Team

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Hi, have tried 0800 800 021, 777 and 0800 438 448 (option 3) as recomended by both Gareth and Steve Y.

Spent 10.20am till 11.30am with no joy.

Just going round in circles. Same automated ansewr service same questions over and over with no one actualy answering the phone to talk to.

Vodafone this is a very poor service for customers who have been with your company for a long time.

The customer service is getting worse NOT better. NOT impressed.

A MASSIVE waste of your customers time.

Certinily international companies have at least an email service to answer questions. It is not good enough for a Vodafone employee or any employee to sit and wait and hour or more on a phone or to do nothing, but Vodafone and other Phone seem to think this is appropriate for its customers to do.

Not good enought Vodafone. I am tempted to post this also on facebook etc.

Shame on Vodafone.


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Re: Customer Retention Team

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Hey Colin

Did you ever have success with contacting the Retention Team?

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