Current Customer Change Broadband Plan

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Current Customer Change Broadband Plan

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I've been a Vodafone cutomer for more than 3 years. But my recent customer service experience was so so bad....

Long story short:


- Dec, 2017: Raise my first request to change my current fibreX plan and get a new Ultra Hub. Sweet, all good, order confirmation came through. Then nothing happened.

- Jan, 2018: First talk to a Ninja, appoligies, sweet, action asap, someone will call me to confirm everything and action

- One week later: nothing happened, talked to Ninja again, sent through previous conversation history and order confirmation letter, applogied again, sweet, firsr level action blah blah blah, actions asap, someone will call me

- Onew week later: Nothing happened, talked to another Ninja, sent through previous conversation history and order confirmation, spent 20 mins to find out what's going on, then asked me why you need to change your plan?????Excuse me????Close the window. See you bye. Then Private number called me, appoligied again, will action asap. 

- Apri, 2018: Still nothing happend. I gave up. 


I saved up all Ninja conversation, order confirmation email to avoid waste my time to explain my issues each time, but still spent 10mins at least to let the Ninja know my status.


Bad experience. This is how you guys treat existing customer????? 

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Re: Current Customer Change Broadband Plan

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Hi @hins that doesn't sound so good. Please send me a private message with your customer info so that I can ask someoneto look into this for you.

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