Covid-19 datacap removal - Residential Cable

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Covid-19 datacap removal - Residential Cable

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According to the Vodafone news release on 19 March data caps will be removed from Vodafone NZ customers with

data-capped broadband (includes Fibre, UltraFast HFC, VDSL and ADSL, and excludes Fixed Wireless).


Does this include Residential Cable? (I am on WarpSpeed A 150GB)


And does this mean that for the duration of this broadband data certainty provision, if we exceed the standard data-cap

(ie: 150GB) broadband service will continue as normal and not be throttled?


I suspect it will not be easy to get a new fibre connection installed during the lockdown.

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Re: Covid-19 datacap removal - Residential Cable

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I'm not a Vodafone so I can only speculate.  But I can only imagine that your cable setup would be included.  I'm guessing the reason rural broadband is not included, is because they can't afford to encourage such a load on their towers at the moment.  The load was high enough 4 days ago.  I'm sure that's set to continue with another 24 days of lockdown.

I hope you get a proper answer.


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