Copper Land Line

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Copper Land Line

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Hello vodafone,


Looking for some help with the below


Recently we have been having issues with our land line.

Best mate had stopped working and now we cant even dial out. We just get the engaged dial tone.


Called support tonight and found out Vodafone had switched us over to VOIP from copper.

We had received a card in the mail about this switch a while back and it gave us the option of opting out of the switch so i called Vodafone and went through the opt out process.


The reason why we opted out is because we live out in the country in the middle of nowhere with unreliable DSL and therefore when the internet goes down the only way of communicating with the outside world is via copper land line.


We also run a 3rd party router setup with various port forwarding and other technical settings so therefore unable to use the supplied vodafone routers.


Vodafone has switched us to voip with no warning therefore causing us to have no landline and my wife loosing out on business as she runs this from home.


Support were unable to help and the team he needed to put me through was out of hours.


Is anyone able to help / give assistants?


Thanks Leo


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Re: Copper Land Line

by johnr Retired Staff
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You have to call and get this reversed so you are back on a POTS line if the call centre don't help email Jason Paris the CEO and he will crack the whip and get it sorted

jason (dot) paris (at) vodafone (dot) com

Outline the issue with good information to Jason
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Re: Copper Land Line

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Thank you sir Smiley Very Happy

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