Cancellation of account

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Cancellation of account

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Hi, can you please have a manager contact me on my email address about my account.  I live in both Italy and NZ. each year I come home for 6 months and have a special allowence / agreement to have broadband just for 6 months (rural broadband as I live in Arrowtown NZ).  

this year when I called to cancel in October I was told i couldn't.  I have argued the point with you as I have a witness who was with me when I set the account up.  I have a witness because I've had this problem with you before.  She will have it statement legally verified, confirming that your customer service agent confirmed that I could cancel after 6 months without penalty.

I tried to tell your agent this when i left in October.  They were very unhelpful.  I was assured a manager would call me back.  they didnt.  I called 4 more times.  Still no one would call me back.  I have left NZ as I always do, but for the last 3 months you have been charging me.  Both for the rural broadband and our mobiles.


Please, I use your service every year, and have done since the day you started operating in NZ.  This is ridiculous.  I am now in Italy and only have a data connection so I cannot call you.


Please can you have a senior manager email me asap to sort this out.  





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