Cancellation fail

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Cancellation fail

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I asked Vodafone to cancel my plan on the 31st of July. But Vodafone disconnected on the 30th because their "billing period" finishes on the 30th of each month. That is why my connecting is now dead. To top it, "there is NOTHING they can do to re-activated". In another word, it might be possible, but it's too hard to do it.Smiley MadSmiley Frustrated


Here are my questions:

1)Let's say due to the billing period is on the 30th of every month, They should cancel my connection at 23:99hrs right? I still "paid for the connection on the day?


2)What happens in February when I got a "bill" for 30 days, but I only use 28/29days?


3)Why can Vodafone cancel someone's account but not re-activated? I'm sure if right now I say I would like to sign up for another 24month, they'll say "sure... let's re-activate your account."


Not sure if anyone else has a similar issue. But if it is noted in Vodafone's system to cancel it on the 31st, and you know your system will do it on the 30th. Do something to make sure it is done right.

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