Can't get a status update on fibre order

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Can't get a status update on fibre order

by Tig Starter Poster
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I ordered fibre about three weeks ago (upgrading from Vodafone VDSL) I was told to expect a call from the Chorus team in a couple of days to organise a site visit.

Two weeks go by and so I call Vodafone to follow-up. Eventually I was told by the "Fibre Install Ninja" that the request had only just gone through to Chorus and it now had a job number. I was then given some confused explanation that the process was delayed due to the workload Chorus had because of the Auckland storm damage. I eventually managed to clarify that this had nothing to do with anything and that it had been stuck in the Vodafone system for two weeks for no reason that he could provide. He undertook to contact me at the start of this week with an update.

On Tue I had a voice message saying that because I'm down a ROW the install needs neighbour's consent and so the installation "won't be anytime soon." I queried this and was told that "consent" is in the "A" part of the ABC build process.

I've reviewed the Chorus site in some detail and it clearly states that for ROW properties a site visit is required to determine the category of consent required. 
How is it that a "Fibre install Ninja" is not familiar with this basic information?

I've tried the Vodafone "Fibre install status tracker" and get the error 'There seems to be a problem with your Fibre account number. Please call us on 0800 806 106."

It would be great if someone who knows something about the install process could tell me:

1. Has Chorus in fact really got my order?

2. When can I reasonably expect them to make contact to start the process?


Also, can someone please be assigned to my account who actually knows about Fibre


I've been with Vodafone since it took over Ihug and this is pretty poor and confused service.  


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Re: Can't get a status update on fibre order

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Hi Tig, sorry about the confusion! I can ask the team to check on your order and give you a ring. Could you please click on my name and send me a private message with your customer number, full name and contact phone number please?

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