Broadband scheduling - Request to add phone number to call

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Broadband scheduling - Request to add phone number to call

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Got an unusual situation here. Helped a colleague sign up to Vodafone's VDSL service, as at the time of sign up Fibre wasnt available.


Colleague has now went oversea to attend to some family matters. And have received an email saying their plan have been upgraded to Fibre, which is greart, but also received a SMS saying fibre is going to be installed and to be scheduled on x-date. As the colleague wont be back in a month or so time, she wish if the Chorus tech can contact the landlord on the day of installation to arrange the time of visit. But because the colleageu is oversea at the momemt, calling through is near impossible. 


Is there any way the colleague can pass on the message to Chorus? Due to the time difference, the colleague is worried when the Chorus tech call they will be asleep. Or is the worse case scenario just reschedule for a later day when they get back?



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