Broadband billing error

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Broadband billing error

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Really hoping I get can get this sorted from here, as don't want to try ring and explain this all over the phone.


I have been with Vodafone for home, ADSL broadband and Sky for quite a few years on customer no 7977726. In April last year Fibre broadband was installed in our neighbourhood so I called up and asked to switch from ADSL to Fibre. As I was out of contract on our existing Broadband the consultant said we could take advantage of the “Ultimate Fibre” deal going at the time which included 3 months free and also free Neon for a year. After a few weeks the fibre connection was still not working, so I called up again to query. I think at this point I realised that I had actually been set up with a new customer account number 13998369. The consultant I spoke to then said they would handle switching all my services from one account to the other.


The Fibre connection did then start working within a few days so I thought it was all sorted. Unfortunately it appears that both customer numbers have remained active, and I’ve been paying possibly for both fibre and ADSL, and lost all benefits of combined home phone and Sky etc on 7977726. I have also never received the information to sign up to Neon for Free. Can someone please look into this and sort it out so I am paying the correct amount? I would prefer to have all services remain on account 7977726. Thanks.

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