Broadband bill

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Broadband bill

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When we signed up for fiberx we were told our baordband bill will be $40 a month, it's on our application form, we got our first bill this evening  at $79.99 plus  part charge for the week leading up to the start of the billing month.


Can you please confirm that our second bill will show a $480 credit, as well as confirm if we are to start a direct credit we only have to pay $10 per week as the credit sould cover the remainder balance


Customer number [details removed]



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Re: Broadband bill

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

The most efficient way to resolve your query is to give us a call on 

0508888800 as your account will have notes re your charges and we should be able to sort out your questions on that call.



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