Billing issues with new fibre plan

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Billing issues with new fibre plan

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After an excruciating and error ridden process I changed Vodafone internet plans in mid November last year. Now that the bills have started coming in there are the following issues:


1. Seeking a refund of the $14.95 Vodafone Hub postage and handling fee. I shouldn't have to pay a fee for an item I instructed Vodafone multiple times not to send and have since returned.


2. I have been incorrectly placed on an Ultimate Home plan even after giving instructions (multiple times) that I wanted a plan without Vodafone TV included. I believe I should be on a Smart Connect plan (Naked unlimited - Fibre Max 12 month term matches the price and features I was quoted over the phone, although the English of the typical CSR is so bad anything could have been said). Seeking a change in plan and refunds of the difference since changing to Fibre Max in mid November. I never specifically asked for a plan by name, only by what features I wanted.


3. My on account mobile has not been linked to the internet plan as was requested. Seeking this to occur and refunds of the difference incurred since changing to Fibre Max in mid November.


What I asked for was:


Naked Fibre Max unlimited - eventually provided correctly

Linked to a Vodafone on account mobile - not done

No Vodafone Hub - Not done and had to return to Vodafone but still charged the P&P fee

No Vodafone TV - Not provided a physical device but incorrectly placed on a plan that charges a rental for the device

12 month term - done

No added extras of any sort - not done but eventually corrected

Quoted $92.99 per month for the term. Includes base price (assume Smart Connect Plan - naked Fibre Max unlimited) $122.99 per month, less $20 per month discount for 12 month term, less $10 per month for linked Vodfone on account phone.

CSR never sent written confirmation of this despite being requested to do so mulitple times.


What I'm being charged:


$107.99 per month for Ultimate Home plan - naked Fibre Max unlimited. Includes base price of $127.99, less $20 per month discount for 12 month term.

This is a plan that specifically includes rental for a Vodafone TV.



Hopefully someone can assist in getting these three issues resolved.

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