Billing Query

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Billing Query

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Could someone please explain Inv 40673197?


We have just recently changed from ADSL to VDSL. My husband spoke with Thomas who told us we would be paying $89.99 per month for unlimited VDSL with landline.


The bill is for $141.15 while the Vodafone website shows owing $71.51.


Which amount will be billed? What about the $89.99?


Clarification on this matter whould be much appreciated.




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Re: Billing Query

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Thanks for your post Cathy.

When did you switch plans, the larger first bill could be the result of part-month charges.

If you don't think this is the answer, please let me know and I'll get the team to look into it.

BTW, do you have a Vodafone mobile?



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Re: Billing Query

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Hi Mike

Thank you for your reply.


I would still like to know why the invoice has an amount of $141 while on the Vodafone website the amount owing shows as $71. Why the difference? Which amount will be charged? Plus I would like confirmation that the next bill will be $89.99 as we were told by Thomas.


No I do not have a Vodafone mobile. I have a Spark cell phone which I only use when I am staying at Papa Aroha motor camp, Coromandel. I see other people there walking around outside to use their cell phone. I have no trouble with mine inside the cabin.

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