Billing/Provisioning error after auto-migration over to VOIP.

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Billing/Provisioning error after auto-migration over to VOIP.

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I was recently switched over to the VOIP for my home phone line as part of Vodafone's ongoing rolling migration of her customers.  It was my understanding that the switchover from the PSTN network would have no impact on my billing, that customers would be charged for the same amount as before.

However this does not seem to be reflected in my latest invoice(Invoice 40677678).  Instead the invoice is showing additional toll call services(Talk 2) which I have never requested for, services(Best Mates) that were included(free) as part of my Broadband and Home Line bundle now being charged for and the relevant discounts for my bundle not being applied.  Additionally, the one addon I did choose to have on my account(Wiring and Maintenance) has now been removed.


I have called the call-centre twice to clarify the situation.  The first person I talked to wanted to transfer me to a specialist to renegotiate my plans - which makes no sense as the migration should not have changed my core services.   


Please note that my account/plan/bundle was the subject of another automatic migration last year.  Vodafone had a process in place for moving existing customers that were on ADSL(2) to VDSL if their local exchange supported it.  This - VDSL - migration went through smoothly, my core services were retained and there were no changes to the amount I was being charged for.


A second call was made to the call-centre a couple of days later.  The person on the other end was quick to assure me that there had been a billing error and I wouldn't be expected to pay anymore than what I was paying before.  It has been more than a week since and there has been no visible changes when viewing the account online and no new invoices created detailing any changes.


I don't really care for making a third call to the call-centre if they don't have the ability to get in direct contact with Provisioning.  Can someone take a look at my account and confirm there have been provisioning errors and have steps taken to rectify it.

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