Billing Invoice Enquiry

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Billing Invoice Enquiry

by caitlinrichards Starter Poster
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I was wanting some clarification for my bill (attached with all specific account information removed)

My household is on The Ultimate home Naked Broadband package (84.99 per month after my phones on account discount is applied). We had swapped from Fibre to VDSL at the beginning of february, as our new house is in an area without fibre yet. 

Is the first line paying for januarys bill (which was never sent by email) ans the second line being our bill from february? Or is the first line feb's bill and the second one March's bill that we have to pay before the end of the billing period (its due on the 25th). On the 26th of february I went onto the account and only $7.42 was due which was paid on that day and shows up on my invoice, but januarys bill had not been loaded onto it i believe. 

also why are we being charged $104.00 for our internet when my account summary states we are Naked broadband which should be 94.99 before the discount.

I have tried discussing this over the phone but it was very difficult to get a straight answer as things said contradicted each other and the point was very hard to get. 


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Re: Billing Invoice Enquiry

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Thanks for your post, looks like January has been missed entirely. Was January Fibre and Feb/March VDSL? Also did the address (email or postal) change with change in services?


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Re: Billing Invoice Enquiry

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Ive also attached the beginning of our latest invoice, our VDSL at the new address was activated on the second of feb after some issues with connectivity which was sorted. So at the end of february the only remaining balance was $7.42 which was paid. 

That is correct, we had fibre at the old address up until the end of february but since fibre is not yet in the area we were forced to change to VDSL for february and march onwards. When the switch was made there was no mention of additional fees or paying multiple months within the same bill. For four full time uni students living off student allowances, paying the current invoice will be quite difficult (although we will manage it if we must).


The account and its number has stayed the same and we have always paid our bill since swapping to vodafone. We're just wondering if we're being charged for a month of internet we havent yet fully used, or whether the 2 feb-28 feb is somehow our january bill and the 1 march to 31 march is actually the date we must pay the feb bill (its all a bit confusing as our due date is the 25th of each month and those month long dates appear to be billing periods not invoice dates and payment due by dates. Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.31.36 AM.png

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