A little disappointed in Vodafone

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A little disappointed in Vodafone

by NickLambert Starter Poster
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We received our phone / internet bill yesterday and were shocked that it was $25 more than our usual $75.99


Upon phoning Vodafone I was advised our contract had finished in May- no notification, no e-mail reminder or text.... nothing

apparently it’s the customers job to remember when their phone / internet plan finishes. We were very disappointed with this.


Anyway I was told we had to renew our contract.... BUT we had to pay the $102.99 on our account- Vodafone wouldn’t wipe the extra $25 they changed us 


We are now on the Smart Connect plan for 24 months at $82.99 a month - We were on the Unlimited fibre 100 plan.

i don’t know what the difference is between the 2 plans or if it is the same plan with a new name?


we don’t have mobile phones on account with Vodafone as the cheapest plan is $25 - I’m on the $9 Vodafone prepay plan and it suits me fine. Wife pays a bit more as she uses data but it’s still under $20 a month.


we’ve been Vodafone customers since the old ihug days and thought they would look after us a bit better 


I spoke to some people at work and their ISP’s / mobile providers remind them when their contracts due to expire 


I just feel a little disappointed really



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Re: A little disappointed in Vodafone

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I agree with your comments. I read about someone renewing their contract, and on checking ours i realized that ours was coming up for renewal, otherwise I would have been in the same position as you. Although I was able to roll-over our present contract I was surprised that I did not receive a copy of the new contract. Perhaps I expected too much.

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Re: A little disappointed in Vodafone

by RichardMeikle Starter Poster
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Doesn't help, just renewed ours in time and cut down to a naked account saving $25, phones went straight away and two weeks later get the bill with the higher ammount still being charged. Now on the waiting line to talk to someone.

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